General Enquiries

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Towel Warmer: Can I install my towel warmer upside down

You can install your towel warmer upside down only if you use the concealed wiring kit. It cannot be installed upside down with the electrical flex exposed.

Towel Warmers: Are all ladder towel warmers dual wired

Our stainless steel ladder towel warmers have the dual wiring option wherby you can decide after purchase, whether you require the electrical flex on either the left or right hand side. The only exception is the Carlton model which is Right hand only. Our chrome ladder towel warmers (Premier and Metivo) must be ordered as a left or right hand model.

All towel warmers can be concealed wired so that the electrical flex is not visible. To conceal the wiring however you must have access to the wall cavity (i.e. before the wall cladding is installed) so the fixing holes can be drilled. This work can be undertaken befor you purcahse your towel wamer but holes must be drilled as specified by the towel warmers installation instructions. Instructions can be downloaded from this  website.

Towel Warmers: Can all of our towel warmers be installed with concealed wiring

All ladder towel warmers include a concealed wiring kit providing the option to install the towel warmer with an exposed or concealed flex at your choice. (Installation of the concealed wiring kit requires access to the wall cavity before the wall cladding is attached.)

Towel Warmers: Do all towel warmers have the ESP Powersaving option

Only selected stainless steel towel warmers have the Heirloom ESP ™ (Energy Saver Pulse) option. At the moment ESP is available for selected Genesis and  Callisto towel warmers.


Refer to each product for applicable warranty periods

All product must be inspected before installation

All implied conditions, warranties & undertakings other than those which by law cannot be specifically excluded are expressly excluded.

Products must be installed, operated, and maintained per instructions otherwise the warranty may be void.

Bathroomware (Ceramic) sanitaryware products are warranted against defects in materials & workmanship under normal use & service for a period of 10 years from date of purchase, providing they are installed by a licensed plumber.

Perishables such as seals, washers, & buttons are covered by a 12 month warranty.  Toilet seats, inlet & outlet valves are covered by the manufactures’ of these products 12 month warranty.

NOTE: The manufacturers’ warranty on cisterns is voided if cleaning (or other) additives are added to the water in the cistern.

Toilets: The most common cause of product issues relates to incorrect installation of products

Towel warmers should be regularly cleaned and chrome towel warmers must be operated continuously but can be operated with a towel warmer timer. Stainless steel towel warmers should be operated regularly and can also be operated with a towel warmer timer.


All products displayed are as at time of posting. Heirloom reserves the right to alter price, design, material, and specifications without notice. All dimensions are subject to manufacturing tolerances and must be checked for dimensions and condition prior to installation.

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