General guidelines for product installation. Product specific installtion instructions can be located by using the Products search feature to locate the relevant product.

Installing Imperial stainless steel toilet seat hinges

Care must be taken when installing standard stainless steel toilet seat hinges to ensure that the hinges are pushed firmly into place to ensure they are fully enclosed in the seat hinge and that there is no free play nor any stress being placed on the hinge pins.

Failure too install hinges correctly can lead to the seat becoming loose and it will move side ways putting pressure on the end of the hinge pins that insert into the toilet seat. This can be solved by pushing the hinges into the seat and tightening them correctly to stop movement.


Towel warmer concealed wiring installation

Towel warmer installation instructions are available for each model. Select the model you will be installing and download the installation instruction from the product details page.

To conceal the towel warmers electrical flex will require access the the wall cavity. Concealed wiring is only feasible in new builds or remodelling where the wall cladding is removed.

Prepartory work for concealed wiring can be undertaken before the towel warmer is purchased provided the installation instructions for the selected model are followed.



Accessory and Towel Warmer Installation

Accessories and Towel Warmers must be attached to a structure that will support the product and the demands of daily use over time. Normally this requires the product to be secured to a wooden stud or nog for plasterboard walls or directly into the wall material for concrete and brick walls.

When building new it is a good idea to preplan the location of accessories and towel warmers so support structures can be put in place

Get fixing system advice from your local installation professional or hardware/building supply store, especially where there is not a solid structure for affixing the product.

Stability and care accessories are only as good as the strength of the structure holding the product and the fixing system used

Templates included with product are helpful but always check to the product before installation as there will always be manufacturing tolerances

Familiarise yourself with the products mounting system before commencing work. Identify where fixing holes are located and whether the fixing will provide any tolerance for holes that are not in the exactly correct location (this is often accomodated by oval holes in the accessory fixing brackets rather than round holes) If there is minimal or no tolerance particular care will be required when drilling holes.

Always use the correct tools for installation

When doors will be opening onto the product always make sure that the product will not impede the opening of the door.