Trouble Shooting

Towel Warmers: My towel warmer is too hot

A towel warmer is a heating appliance with the same wattage as a light bulb so it too will be generally too hot to grasp for more than a few seconds. In addition to this a towel warmer will usually operate at a temperature above ambient. A towel warmer will be hotter in a warm room or during summer.  

Make sure the towel warmer is not overloaded with towels as this will increase its operating temperature. For further temperature control we recommend having an electrician install a suitable dimmer switch which can be used to reduce its operating temperature. An ESP towel warmer will also run at a lower temperature when in economy mode.


Toilets: My toilet is running on (discharging water into the toilet pan)


Normally this requires only small adjustment to the toilet but sometimes can be caused by a part wearing out. Use the following flow chart to diagnose the cause. The important first step is to determine whether the water starts running into the pan immediately on flushing or only after the cistern has re filled with water.

Note: A charge will apply for a service call if the cause is determined to be installation related our caused by factors outside of product warranty coverage.



My Imperialware toilet will only give a full flush and not a half flush

The cistern  push button is divided into a ½ flush & a full flush.

When the half flush button is depressed both parts of the flush button will be lowered, but only the half flush mechanism will be engaged. When the full flush part of the button is depressed, both portions of the button will be lowered but only the full flush mechanism will be engaged

This button screws on top of a threaded pin. When the button is pushed both buttons proceed downwards pushing a lever inside the cistern, which in turn raises the outlet valve to a desired height.

When the ½ flush button is pressed, the valve lifts to a height that does not engage the full flush float arm inside the cistern.

When the full flush button is pressed, the outlet valve lifts further upwards allowing the full flush float arm to engage, allowing the full designated water amount to release from the tank. This button works on the basis of downward travel,

Cause of broken Imperial toilet seat hinges

This usually happens if the hinges have not been installed correctly

Stainless steel hinges must be pushed securely into place to ensure they are fully inside the hinge of the seat, otherwise there will be pressure on the hinge pins which over time can lead to breakage. Additionaly if hinges are not properly installed and secured they can work loose over time and if this is not corrected the movement in the seat will put pressure on the end of the hinge pins.