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New Zealand Electrical IP Zones

All Heirloom towel warmers have an IP rating per the Australia/NZ standard, AS/NZS 60335. THis IP rating determines in which bathroom IP zone the towel warmer can be installed.

IP bathroom zones are determined by AS/NZS 3000:2007 and are identified on these diagrams

IP45 warmers can be installed in Zone 1 which offers peace of mind by ensuring the most installation flexibility.

A lesser IP rating will require a warmer to be installed in Zones that are further away from the water source which can be quite restrictive.

These diagrams illustrate the IP electrical zones in certain bathroom settings and provide a general guide only, of where an Heirloom towel warmer may be installed.

Every bathroom will have a unique layout and will usually vary in some way from these diagrams. The installing electrician will be required to certify the compliance of the installation and will therefore need to inspect the actual location and consider the layout including its water sources (taps, and showers etc.) and the proximity of the warmer to direct contact with water from these sources. For comprehensive detail and advice contact your electrician